Copper Recycling

We Buy and Recycle Copper

As a scrap copper recycling business, McCamish Metals strives to give clients the best experience possible. We give you the chance to dispose your copper scrap metal properly and earn at the same time. We will pay for your scrap based on its weight and condition. You can trust us to provide an honest quote and full payment on the spot.
The buying process is quick and simple. Take your copper scrap to our office or allow our team to pick it up from your factory or property. Know the value of your copper or any scrap metal and get paid right away. 

We Help You and the Environment

We buy and recycle scrap metals not just to make money; we do it to help our clients and the environment. Those piles of scrap copper and iron sitting in your yard can be worth more than you can imagine. Do not let it rust away and harm the environment. Sell it to us today and we will make it more useful and valuable. By buying and recycling your scrap metals, we help free up space in your premises and reduce the carbon footprints.

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